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Retail & High Net Worth Investors

Our new generation of Managed Discretionary Accounts are suitable for anyone who wants, or has, their own personal portfolio but doesn't have the time nor expertise to manage it.

A Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) is an investment portfolio managed by us solely for the benefit of you. Your investments are not pooled with that of other investors as in a managed investment scheme/unit trust. You own the investments directly and retain beneficial ownership of them. The portfolio is constructed around your specific needs and instructions including your taxation circumstances.

Within each MDA portfolio, you can choose from a number of different investment styles including Growth, Value, Style Neutral, Absolute Return and Income.

The Foundation Investment Account (FIA) suit investors wanting less of the features provided by our Personal Investment Account (PIA) or our Private Investment Management service (PIM), with commensurate a reduction in fees. It is an attractive alternative for smaller investors (e.g. those with portfolios of $100,000 or greater). It may also suit  large investors who want their own portfolio, with access to a professional with whom to consult, active portfolio management at wholesale prices. 

This may suit investors with $100,000 to $1,000,000 who want all the benefits of a fully featured personal investment portfolio, managed the way they want it managed, with access to their own portfolio manager at anytime.

This service may suit investors with more than $1,000,000 who want a top-of-the-range investment service.


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