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Managed Discretionary Accounts

Managed Discretionary Accounts

  • Professionally and separately managed Australian equities portfolios tailored to suit your requirements
  • Direct and exclusive access to the portfolio manager managing
    your investments
  • Choice of four accounts, including a Shariah-compliant portfolio


About our Accounts

Our Managed Discretionary Accounts (MDA) suit investors who want their Australian equities investments professionally and actively managed to their specifications.

Applying a disciplined investment process, we tailor and separately manage your MDA according to your preferences or the investment program we recommend based on your specific needs, such as your financial objectives, investment time frame and tax and risk requirements.

Managed solely for your benefit by one of our experienced portfolio managers, we do not pool your investments with those of other investors, unlike our unit trust allowing you to retain beneficial ownership and control over your assets.

MDA portfolios  include:

  • individuals, couples and dependants
  • family trusts
  • self-managed superannuation funds
  • deceased estates
  • clubs and organisations.


How you may benefit

As an MDA client, you partner with one of our portfolio managers who is responsible for providing you:

  • Advice in relation to your Australian equities investments
  • Direct access via phone or email
  • Full portfolio administration
  • Comprehensive reporting.

Together with our end-to-end portfolio management service, you may benefit from:

  • Tax advantages associated with directly owning the equities in your portfolio
  • Control over realising any capital gains or losses
  • The ability to offset gains or losses from other investments
  • The potential for superior returns as a result of our expert, active management of your portfolio.

As a client, you can access your account online when it is convenient for you via the client portal on our website.


Choose from three MDAs

  1. Foundation Investment Account - FIA
  2. Personal Investment Account - PIA
  3. Private Investment Management Service - PIM 
Click here to compare our three MDA accounts.


Become an MDA client

If you are considering using our MDA investment service you need to take the following steps:

  1. Complete our online fact-find
    This will allow us to assess your investment needs, objectives and preferences. From the information you provide, we will provide you with a free statement of advice.
  2. This will be emailed to you along with an account opening pack (if you decide to use our services).

  3. Review your statement of advice
    You are most welcome to contact us to discuss any information it contains.

  4. Complete the documentation
    If after reviewing your statement of advice you wish to become a client of ours you need to:
    1. complete the personal identification information contained in our account opening pack and return it to us; and
    2. provide us with additional information necessary for us to manage your portfolio. For example, the name of another person (e.g. your spouse / partner) authorised to act on your behalf if we cannot contact you directly.

                  We can do this online by visiting our Tell us more page.


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