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Institutional Investors

Institutional Portfolios

Institutional investors and asset consultants should contact Glenn Woolley on
+61 3 9975 7888 to discuss your specific requirements.

  • Passionate, experienced Australian equities portfolio management team combining intelligent insight with innovative portfolio construction methods
  • Direct and exclusive access to the portfolio managers managing your investment
  • Discrete, concentrated Australian equities portfolios tailored to suit your preferences and investment objectives

At Intrinsic, small funds are not disadvantaged. Normal practice is for small institutional investors to be invested in a large pool along side other investors and as a result they "get what they are given". This is not the case at Intrinsic. Even small investors can have individual portfolios tailored to their needs and r eported on personally.

If you have more than $5 million to manage, you are generally considered an institutional-sized investor. Our team has many years of experience in managing portfolios for institutional investors; institutional investment management is where our investment team learnt its skills. Further details about our wholesale investment management services are available on request including our IFSA survey


Customised Australian equities portfolios

Fulfilling the requirements of an institutional mandate requires specialised capabilities and experience. We offer institutional investors a comprehensive end-to-end portfolio management service delivered by our portfolio management team who have been managing Australian equities portfolios together since our inception in 2003. We work with you to devise an investment strategy based on your specific requirements, risk appetite and risk capacity to construct customised, high quality Australian equities portfolios that aim to achieve your investment goals.

Our adaptive portfolio construction process allows us to construct portfolios tailored to the specific requirements of institutional investors. We can also structure our fees (including performance fees) to suit your needs.. For example,  to tilt towards your desired style (such as value or growth) and size (market capitalisation), or to encompass negative screens (for example, ethical portfolios) or to have an ESG overlay.

Our team has experience in managing a wide ranging of institutional portfolios. For example: 

  • Superannuation Funds
  • Trustee Companies
  • Life and General Insurance Companies
  • Master Trusts and Wrap Accounts
  • Charitable Foundations
  • Friendly Societies
  • Corporations
  • Other Institutions


Asset consultants

We work closely with asset consultants to help you deliver Australian equities portfolio management solutions to your clients. We understand the rigour you apply to your manager selection process and we apply the same when managing your clients’ portfolios.


Best Practice
We understand the needs and legal obligations of Directors and the Trustees of such investors, having had personal experience ourselves. Thus, we understand the "pressure" that the members/beneficiaries of institutional funds place upon Directors/Trustees and that this extends well beyond investment performance. As a result, our experienced team has internal policies and procedures that are best practice. For example, our Board of Directors is independent. We have in place an independent compliance and audit committee. We use independent compliance people and risk management, both of which report directly to the Board of Directors.


Financial Planning, Private Banking, Share Broking and Accounting groups are also able to access our services. We are willing to consider a wide range of arrangements including revenue sharing and white labelling. We can structure an overall package to ensure that advisers are no worse off, and probably better off, using our investment management services on behalf of their clients, than using the products of our competitors.


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