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There are many reasons as to why our investment management services are of benefit to your clients. In a 'nut-shell' for those investors who want an individual portfolio, we offer a better investment service than a pooled investment fund / unit trust.

We recognise that any client you refer to us is your client. That means we understand the need to deliver investment management services and investment performance that reflects well upon your business.

As a partner, we will supply you with our views on your client's equity portfolio (via our Statement of Advice and equities investment program and Intrinsic Halo software). We will talk to you about economic and investment market conditions.

Consider us your in-house investment team.

In fact we will even "white-label" our product for you and share our investment management fees. Now that is a partnership!

By working with us, we can offer you ways to build stronger, deeper relationships with your clients.

Our portfolio management services are all about treating each investor as an individual.

Because you are our partner, we can include your thoughts on how your client’s portfolio should be managed. If your client has authorised you to operate the portfolio account then we can take your instructions regarding its management.

This gives you the opportunity to form these stronger, deeper relationships with your clients.

In consultation with you,  we build a portfolios to meet individual investment objectives, needs and preferences of your clients.

With the approval of your client, will ensure that you are kept up to date on relevant matters concerning their investment portfolio including investment reports and market strategy. You will receive these reports at the same time as your client, ensuring that you are in the loop at all times.

Investors that are likely to be best suited to our investment management services are:

  • Retail investors;
  • High Net Worth Investors; and
  • Institutional Investors (must be greater than $5m)
  • They are:

  • Busy professionals;
  • Self-employed;
  • Retirees;
  • Belong to the ‘mass affluent’market;
  • Managing their own portfolios;
  • Managing the financial affairs of others (e.g. deceased estates).


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