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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do you have a licence to deal in financial products and services?

Yes. We have an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) No. 247127. For more information, see our Financial Services Guide.


2. What do you invest in?

We invest in securities listed in the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Our portfolios are created from companies that are part of the S&P/ASX 200 Index.


3. Can I become a client?

Anyone including:

  • individuals, couples and dependants
  • family trusts
  • self-managed superannuation funds
  • multi-managers
  • deceased estates
  • clubs and organisations
  • charities
  • corporations
  • master trusts
  • institutional superannuation funds.

Contact us on +61 3 9975 7888 to discuss your requirements.


4. I am located outside of Australia. Can I become a client?

Yes. If you are located outside of Australia, you can become a client. If you are a US resident, you can become a client but you must contact us on +61 3 9975 7888 to discuss your situation and requirements before you apply.

Institutional investors do not need to complete our application form. Contact us on +61 3 9975 7888 to discuss your requirements.


5. Do I need to complete all the relevant online questions?

No. However, you must complete all the compulsory questions to become a client. By providing as much information about your financial circumstances, objectives and preferences, we are better able to recommend an investment program appropriate for your requirements.

Institutional investors do not need to complete our application form. Contact us on +61 3 9975 7888 to discuss your requirements.


6. Can you work with my adviser or accountant to manage my

Yes. We can discuss your portfolio with them for no additional fee.


7. I want you to manage my super. How do I organise this?

If you already have a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF), we will send you an Investment Management Agreement to sign which will enable us to take over managing your super investments. If you do not have an SMSF, you must set one up before we can manage your super savings. An accountant, solicitor or other appropriately licensed financial professional can assist you.


8. What is your minimum investment amount?



9. How do I make an initial investment?

There are two methods. These are:

  • Transfer your existing portfolio of securities into your account at your custodian, and / or
  • Transfer cash into your linked cash management account.


10. How safe are my investments?

We actively manage your portfolio investing it in listed Australian companies and cash. This means it is subject to market fluctuations and individual company movements. While we aim to grow your investments over time, there may be periods where the value of your portfolio falls. You will find more information about investment risks in our Financial Services Guide and Risk disclosure document.


11. Do you hold my investments?

No. We do not hold your securities or cash. This is the responsibility of your custodian. Our role as your investment manager and the custody and administration of your cash and securities are separate.


12. How do I keep up-to-date with my investments?

You can:

  • view your investments any time by logging in to your account via our website
  • contact your portfolio manager
  • view your quarterly portfolio report.


13. Can I access my investments at any time?

Yes. Your portfolio manager can assist you. However, it may take at least four business days to fulfil your redemption request. This is because when you buy or sell financial products such as shares, you must exchange the title or legal ownership of those financial products for money. This exchange is called settlement.

Settlement takes place three business days after the day the trade occurs.


14. Can I make regular cash deposits and withdrawals?

Yes. You will find detailed information in the Application to become a client booklet.


15. How do I inform you about changes to my circumstances or
       investment preferences?

Advise your portfolio manager or send us an email, fax or letter.

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